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Jungwon University

About Jungwon University
Korea is now rated as the 10th largest economy in the world. The phenomenal growth and development of Korea can be ascribed to Korean devotion to Education, and Korea is a desired destination for international education.

JWU understand that being away from their family and country is quite hard for international students. Cognizant of this, from their arrival at Jungwon to their graduation’ JWU offer students a variety of programs and support to help them adjust, enjoy and savor their campus experience.

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Tongwon University

About Tongwon University
where students are given the learning tools and opportunities to make their dreams come true and to become competent professionals capable of leading in the 21st century.Tongwon university, over the past years, has successfully overcome many difficulties through the cooperation and determination of all the faculty and staff here. We have not only just prevailed over many obstacles but come out on top and in addition, won four awards :

  1. 1. Award of ‘Leaders in INdustry-university Cooperation (LINC) Foster Project’ by the Ministry of Education, Science & Technology
  2. 2. Award of ‘Creative Campus Support Project’ by the Ministry of Employment & Labor
  3. 3. Award of ‘Excellent university for its Educational Capacity’
  4. 4. Award of ‘university of Continuing Education for the Citizens of Kyunggi Province’
  5. In order for Tongwon university to continue its growth and progress, we are planning to obtain the Vocational university Assessment Certification. In addition, we are going to open three new departments; a Practical English Department, a Noncommissioned Officer Department, and a Silver Health and Welfare Department as well as a new Sandan Campus in Sungnam in 2013 all the while, trying to maintain a 68% student employment rate and a 95% enrollment rate. We are confident that by putting forth our best efforts today, our hard work will enable us to lead the future.

    Our dedication and perseverance to making the “Leap Forward(Sky High)” to becoming an international campus with global-minded students, helped us to rise above our previous difficulties and will aid us in accomplishing our goals for this year and the years to come.

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